Stop Buying Apple Products | Men’s Black T-Shirt


Apple is the industry leader in so many fields. They could be a force for change and positive forward movement, but they are not. They have locked their customers into their platform and have changed the idea of ownership. However, many companies do this. Walled gardens are not just an Apple thing. While in China, I toured a few factories. Many of them were not the stereotype. There were proud workers, average hours, and average pay. There were also factories with less humane conditions.China is not entirely to blame for the treatment of their employees. The problem is complicated. When talking to the locals, Apple was referenced over and over. They demand more for less and the factories that are greedy try to accommodate. Some of these factories have safety nets to catch those who are so desperate they are willing to jump. The working conditions have to change. Apple is not the only western company enabling abusive conditions for workers in Asia. There are many others, but Apple is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) and they could be a force for change. I also resent the wholesome brand image Apple projects. They have fooled a large portion of the population. And that’s the bottom line. We are all enabling this. We are all allowing Apple to demand more for less in Asia. We are all responsible because we buy their products. It’s time to stop.I owned an Apple IIe as a child. It was an amazing machine. You could take it apart, do things with it, etc. I owned a G4 that I used for video editing as well. Lastly, I have owned a 160 GB iPod for many years. It was a gift. I have not purchased an Apple product since the G4 and I do not intend to. Let’s encourage companies to improve the lives of those who work to make them rich. We can vote with our dollars. I hope this shirt spreads. I know it will bother people, but I think when you peel back the fanaticism the facts are hard to argue with.- LoganPrinted with light gray ink on a black cotton t-shirt. Our shirts are made of soft 100% combed cotton and printed with water-based ink. Water-based prints will last a very long time and will not peel off or crack unlike shirts printed with Plastisol inks (90% of the shirts out there). Water-based prints are soft, breathe-able, and will never stick to you. Sizes S-4X are Next Level brand shirts.Sizes 5X-6X and tall sizes are Port & Company brand shirts.Also available on tri-blend t-shirts.Click here for detailed garment and sizing information.

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