Fenek White Standard Issue Gaming Mouse & Desk Mat Set


A White Fenek Standard Issue Gaming Mouse and Gaming Desk Mat Set. Save $5.00 over purchasing the items separately.Ordering Instructions: Click “Add to Cart”. You will be prompted to choose your mouse pad. Click “Add to cart” again. To edit your choice, go to the shopping cart and click “Edit Choice”.Desk Mats – Choices are  WASD, Full Color Burning Earth, Pixel Burning Earth, Purple Lined Burning Earth, Zweihänder Nitheren, Zweihänder Höllental, Gaben Confirmed ASCII Art, Fenek, and Gray Burning Earth.These desk mats have a gaming grade cloth surface and a textured rubber surface on the back. The edges are braided/woven to prevent fraying. The bottom line with our desk mats is that they are simple, track well, and are literally soft enough to use to clean a lens or your glasses. Dimensions: 35.5″ wide x 10″ tall (90 cm x 40 cm x 2mm thick, Fenek is 3 mm thick)Fenek Standard Issue Gaming MouseIt’s back. The well-reviewed Tek Syndicate Standard Issue mouse has been updated. Meet the Fenek Standard Issue.We listened, tested, listened some more, tested some more. First, we changed the CPI/DPI steps to something better: 400, 800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 5000.  Also, we updated the molding a little to make the left and right buttons more responsive.Next, we have applied a textured, matte plastic that will last an extremely long time. It’s also very comfortable, cool, and it won’t slip out of your hands.Lastly, we updated to an RGB LED and have come up with a very interesting method to change colors without needing to install software. Here are the full specs:Pixart PWM 3310 optical (infrared) sensor5000 CPI (same as DPI)CPI Steps: 400, 800, 1600, 2400, 3200, 5000Omron switchesSniper button (400 CPI Toggle) positioned far forward, accidental pressing highly unlikelyNo accelerationTextured sides for gripSize: 129 x 73 x 38 mmSix buttons (two dedicated to DPI + one sniper button)Rubber cable (lighter weight and less drag)No software neededRGB – Color selections made through button combinationsShipping Weight: 1.39 poundsWe think everyone deserves a mouse with a great sensor. So, the Standard Issue is a no frills, seriously accurate gaming mouse.This mouse was designed for people serious about gaming, but not for those who want 100,000 DPI and 200 macros. NOTE: The sensor we have selected is legendary for accuracy, but it is designed to track on dark surfaces like a mouse pad. As such, it may not track well or at all on lightly colored or glossy surfaces. We only guarantee accuracy if used on a dark mouse pad.Fenek Support: helperfox@fenek.im

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