Chrome Industries Burning Earth Citadel Laptop Backpack


You get one Chrome Industries Citadel Laptop Backpack with a gray Burning Earth logo on the front flap. This bag is Chrome’s largest laptop backpack, which means it can fit even the most angular of gamer laptops.  The 100% welded-waterproof main compartment can be used for ice cold beer or to keep your gear dry. The padded laptop compartment has a water-resistant zipper. Anti-magic coating makes it easy for safely capturing smaller mythical creatures. Inside pockets are great for mice (both living and clicky kinds), folders, notebooks, cords, and other other peripherals. You could probably put non-computer related things in it too, but why risk it? Logan has had one of these bags for years and loves it.  It’s survived traveling all over the world, and never once complained.  All Chrome Industries Backpacks come with a lifetime warranty.

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