Beer Gift Set | Tulip Snifter


“It’s a very serious, and nerdy activity to put something into a snifter”- Logan.

You know what’s a funny word? Snifter.  Seriously, say it three times out loud and tell me it doesn’t sound silly.  Our 13 ounce Tulip Snifter gift set is great for yummy Belgian beers.  This is for people who are serious about properly drinking their special beverage, and have the fortitude to withstand the ridicule/gawking looks from lesser drinkers, envious that they’re not you.  Properly enjoy the taste of your beer, with the sweet satisfaction of being right.  You’re going to want to put your two lips on these tulip snifters.

Available in 3-Piece, 5-Piece, and 9-Piece sets. All sets include a bottle opener. See below for details