Future Product Ideas

Future Product Ideas

We would like to expand while keeping things curated. I have some ideas regarding future products and I’d love some feedback from everyone. We are open to any ideas as well. Even if the idea isn’t currently a popular one, if it’s good, we can make some videos to show what can be done with it. So, let’s experiment.

I’d like to sell hobby boards, mainly for installing Linux distros. We already have the Sen Pi. Why not also carry some kits that include cases, memory card, etc. How about these:

  • Banana Pi
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Odroid
  • Orange Pi
  • Cubieboard
  • Maybe even some small PCs

After that how does everyone feel about Lego blocks… or even generic, Lego-compatible blocks from China (not the rip-off sets).

Send us ideas. What would you like to see in the store?

2 thoughts on “Future Product Ideas

  1. Dan says:

    Here’s one that’s has the same layout as a pi. Also has better support for android than the pi3.
    Start off with the pi’s and compatible stuff, then maybe x86 sbc’s if there enough interest.

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